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Rock Trolls

This Storywalk can be linked to many topics such as: Stone Age, Rocks, Frozen, Fantasy Writing etc

This would be a good Storywalk to do if you live near a beach as you will need a selection of rocks for the children to create their trolls with. (Make trolls in small groups if rocks are in short supply)

Children create trolls as part of a DT topic using rocks, stones and a glue gun.

Each child creates a character around their rock troll.

This walk is an introduction to each character and the wonderful world of the Rock troll as they are located around the school grounds.

Write some directions here so Storywalkers can navigate to the head of the trail.
Chapter one

The field gate

Not many people know this, but .................... is a place of earthbound power where people and nature are in perfect harmony. It is this balance with the world that helps fields to flourish, flowers to bloom and trees to bud and attracts many creatures from near and far.
One of these creatures you may never have seen and may not even believe exist, but we're here to reveal is ... the Rock Troll.
These gentle creatures are highly camouflaged, so appear invisible to the naked eye. They are kind healers, living together, helping nature to live in harmony with people.
Would you like to meet them? Follow our lead as we introduce you to a species rarely seen by human eyes, but tread quietly as they scare easily and then all you will see is a pile of rocks!
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Chapter two

Glitter the Troll

Sitting before you on a small flat rock is Glitter the Troll. She rises with the sunrise and watches the rays of the sun cast their glittering fingers on the world around her. She protects the dewdrops, the reflections dancing on the water and the sun blinking in a mirror.
She is small, round and has speckles of glittering gold throughout her body. Many people think that her body is made of gold, but it is actually pyrite, or fools gold. Her hair is gold and her eyes are green. She is one of the happiest trolls you will meet today.

Look around you, can you spot the glittery, sparkly things that have attracted Glitter's attention?
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Chapter three

Smutter the Troll

Smutter the troll is one of the youngest in the troll family. He loves to laugh and can often be seen trying to make other trolls laugh too. He is an expert at different voices, from a high squeaky laugh to a low vibrating chuckle.
He is small and chunky, with lots of different textures to his body like a manmade stone. His eyes are green and his hair is still growing, so stands up in little tufts!

What joke would you tell Smutter to make him laugh?
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Chapter four

Shadow Troll

Many people think that people who hide in shadows are bad, but this is not the case with Shadow. He is good at sneaking, he hides from bad people and likes to change the behaviour of naughty people by showing them how to be good.
Shadow has dark, sea blue eyes and straw yellow hair and he has a tiny triangle red nose. He is a dark black colour a cross between granite and coal.

How would you make a naughty person good like Shadow?
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Chapter five


You can probably tell by his name that Bouncer is a lively troll! He is an expert at bouncing and rolling and loves the noise that his body makes rolling down a hill. The expression "a rolling stone, gathers no moss" was written about Bouncer!
Bouncer has lots of little nicks and scratches on him from all of the times he had hit other stones while rolling because he is made of limestone. He has bright blue eyes and very little hair.

Can you bounce and roll like bouncer?
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Chapter six

Sage the Troll

Sage is in charge of the Rock Troll's gardens. She has green fingers, both green covered in moss and green because she is a wizard at gardening. Whatever she plants blooms and flourishes, with flowers as colourful as a rainbow and fruits as sweet as honey.

Sage is a light grey colour and moss clings around her like a second skin. Her eyes are moss green and her hair is long and wavy.

What would you like Sage to help grow for you?
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Chapter seven

The end

Did you manage to tread quietly and see a few trolls? Aren't they magical? Did one talk to you? No-one actually knows how many trolls there are around us, there may be tens, there may be hundreds.
Keep your eyes open in the future, rock trolls are everywhere, but only a rare few can ever see them!

Thank you for reading our Storywalk!
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