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Wild Words

Something wild is hiding along the path, lets hunt it out with stealth and patience!

Designed for emergent readers around years one and two, add in drawings first of your monster and then write a hand full of words just to add flavour!
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Chapter one

Chapter 1

On this path there lies terrible danger
It's not for the likes of some light hearted stranger
You'll need gumption and strength
And plenty of resolve
For along this path live great terrors to behold

In pavement cracks
Or cat food cans
Tidy mouse holes
Or discarded frying pans

They are shape shifters and tricky
And never too pretty
Gone in a blink
And arrive even quicker
Can you spot their twitch
Or their nest in the litter

So lets creep along slowly
And try not to disturb
What was that a rasping sound
Or just snoring I heard!

A short way along I think I can spy
Something odd and a little unexpected
Lets go explore and try to inspect it

We shall creep along
As quiet as can be
Tip toe steady
To see what we can see
Continue along the path.
Chapter two

Chapter 2

Continue along the path.
Chapter three

Chapter 3

Continue along the path.
Chapter four

Chapter 4

Continue along the path.
Chapter five

Chapter 5

Continue along the path.
Chapter six

Chapter 6

Continue along the path.
Chapter seven

Chapter 7

So we've run the gauntlet and come out unscathed
Past the monsters and creatures
With nerves a little frayed
Past slime slobbering grotesques
And cabbage smelling gargoyles
Past nine headed banshees
Sipping at engine oils

But then the thought comes to you
You're only half way through your quest
You'll have to pass them on your return again
Oh what a terrible test

So let's tip toe quietly
Let us slip gently past
With the thought that these creatures
Love to snatch the one whose last!